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our low whistles


Susato Low D whistle

Susato Low D Whistle this is a great whistle for the price, you can see a video of this whistle being played along with an MK, a Burke Viper, and a Reviol low D--i defy you to hear the difference.

They're made of black machined plastic and so are virtually indestructible, a go-anywhere whistle that also has serious session volume.

Also comes with a soft case and a stick of cork grease.

Price New: $93.90
You pay: $80

To order, send us an email at


Michael Burke brass Pro viper D low whistle

Michael Burke Brass Pro Viper D Low Whistle this is a professional quality low whistle from the de facto standard for whistles, Michael Burke. More volume and a warmer, more mellow tone than the aluminum D. Comes with a free padded nylon/velcro case.

Price New: $310
You pay: $275

Sorry, this whistle has been sold. :)


michael copeland brass d low whistle

Michael Copeland D Brass Low Whistle I'm not exaggerating, this is the most beautiful instrument i have ever seen. The connical bore gives it a strong bottom d with a sweet 2nd octave that doesn't have to be pushed. Beautiful sounding, the connical bore also makes the finger stretch easier. Nothing to not like about this low whistle, except that it is maybe somewhat heavier than the average weight of a pvc or aluminum Low D. Other than that, if you can afford it, this is a whistle you have to have.

some more photos: copeland brass low whistle1 | copeland brass low whistle2 | copeland brass low whistle3

Price New: Priceless. You can't buy these anywhere, I've regularly seen them go on ebay for over $700.
You pay: $675

Sorry, this whistle is now sold.

Reviol D Irish low whistle

Reviol Anodized Aluminum D Low Whistle this is a pretty big low whistle, but for my money, maybe the best looking, best sounding low whistle available. Anodized (so that it doesn't freeze up) black aluminum this is a tuneable, great looking, and great sounding whistle. You can here it being played in this youtube video.

some more photos: Reviol D Low whistle | whistle head

Price New: 400 NZ (about $306)
You pay: $245

To order, send us an email at



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